Classic and warm, Roman Blinds are a deliciously understated window dressing solution.

Select classic roman blinds and dress your windows with tasteful pleats. Roman blinds are made from curtain fabric meaning you can interchange your curtain with a Roamn Blind using the same fabric.  Roman Blinds are easy to use and are Ideal for limiting sunlight when you need to. Simply pull the cord to adjust the blinds to the height that you require for your windows.

If you want to keep out daylight entirely, opt for blackout Roman blinds. They have a special coating or lining that keeps light from seeping through the blind fabric. With the help of blackout blinds you can keep yours or your children's bedroom fully dark or keep neighbours from looking into your bathroom window.

We bring fabric samples with us during your sales appointment, however if you would like to view our fabrics online, please click on the below link. The link will  take you to our external supplier website, where you can browse the different fabric options. To purchase a fabric you will need to contact us directly where we can then arrange an appointment to come and measure you windows or alternatively you can send us your window sizes where we can provide you with a supply and fit quote for your preferred fabric.

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Roman blinds hang flat when unfolded entirely. When opened the blind material stacks up evenly into folds. Roman blinds don’t have to be plain as we offer blackout roman blinds that come in varying fabrics to match your existing décor. A great alternative to curtains, our blackout roman blinds feature a thick lining to keep out the light when you need to and provide an added layer of insulation, keeping you tucked up in bed for longer when you need some extra shut-eye.

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