We are open for business and for your safety we are introducing the following precautions to enable us to carry out home visits:

Before your Sales Appointment:

Before we book a Sales Appointment for you we are trying to obtain as much information about the enquiry as possible, this is to reduce the amount of time we need to spend in your home

Firstly, we will ask what kind of blinds or curtains you are looking for? If you unsure, then we suggest taking a looking at the different option on this website.

Secondly, we will ask if you can you supply rough measurements of the windows (width and height)? Do not worry if your measurements are not 100% accurate, as we will measure the windows for you if you decide to proceed with an order.


Window: Living Room Window 1

Blind Type: Vertical Blind

Blind Colour: Grey

Size: 1200mm (width) x 1000mm (height)

If you are able to email the above information to enquiries@valecurtainsandblinds.co.uk we can then send you an indicative supply and fit quotation, however please do let us know if you are not comfortable doing you own measuring and we will arrange for a home visit.

During your Sales Appointment

We will of course be observing social distancing guidelines at all times.

To prevent any cross contamination, we would ask that during the entirety of the Sales Appointment pets are kept separate in a room that does not require measuring.

If required, we will bring sample books to your home, however we would ask that you kindly wash hands before and after handing the books.

Wherever possible we will try to keep the appointment as brief as possible. To help with this Quotes and/or Booking confirmations will be sent to you after the Sales Appointment.

During your Fitting Appointment

Our Fitters will of course be observing social distancing guidelines at all times.

Please keep all pets away from the areas been worked upon.

We would ask that you leave the Fitter undisturbed, so that they can complete the job in the quickest time possible.

This is the only time you’ll ever hear this, but please do not offer our Fitters cups of tea.

If you can, then please avoid entering and re-entering the room where the fitting is due to take place at least 24 hours before and after the fitting appointment.

Unless paying by cash, final payments will no longer be taken by our fitter, instead we will send you an invoice where we ask to pay via bank transfer

To request a Free Sales Appointment please click here.